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Nils Nixon

Born in 1912 in Västervik and deceased in eastern Sönnarslöv 1997.

He has done abstract paintings and sculptures. Represented at the National Museum, Norrköping Museum, Archives of Lund and Stockholm International Fairs, studies in Stockholm. Educator and teacher of arts psychology at the National College of Art 1951-1977, Stockholm.

1968 he bought the house in East Sönnarslöv and commuted from home to the capital. In Nils Nixon's paintings is space and light, a significant dimension of the spiritual with spiritual strength and balance. You can imagine - well, a premonition of how the musical has its genesis.

I had Nils Nixon as a teacher during my time at the College of Arts from 1963 to 1968.

  Nils Nixon målningen Drömmen
  Nils Nixon - The dream of 1947

Nils Nixon med pipa

Nils Nixon i siluette