Bo Johnér Pictoral and music art

Biography - Bo Nilsson Johner

I was born 1946, in the south east of Sweden, in the town of Karlskrona. My parents were artists. This gave me the opportunity to experience art all around me. As a child I often spent time in my father’s studio where he showed me the skills of drawing and painting.

Stockholm and years of studies

In 1957 my family moved to Stockholm. At the age of 14 (1960), I was offered individual violin lessons at the Stockholm School of Music, Södra Latin.

 Ernst Källberg, a renowned concert violinist became my first teacher, followed by the well known viola player Lars Brolin. These studies gave me the first insight into the fascinating art of violin playing. My individual lessons ended in 1966. My overall studies ended 1968 with a teaching diploma in Art.

As from the summer of 1980 my love for music and painting gave rise to a series of paintings called “Visible music”.

Present time

Since 1969 I am living in Torsås, south of Kalmar and work as an Art teacher. My other surname Johner , the name of my wife and three children, I added to my name in 1989. Since coming to Torsås I have been instrumental in helping to set up the Museum Lionardo da Vinci Ideal, in the town of Karlskrona.

The bridge between music and fine arts has more and more come to fascinate me. This is a bridge which, opens up a range of possibilities for my creative work as an artist.
Ernst Källberg and Bo Nilsson Johner
Ernst Kallberg and Bo Nilsson Johner outside Bo's artist studio in Torsås
Visual art or pictural art by Bo Johner
Ernst Kallberg caught in pencil by Bo Nilsson Johner.

Pictoral art visual art by Bo Johner
Bo Nilsson Johner outside Oskarshamn nuclear power plant with a musical picture.